Andrea Soorikian specializes in custom designs for each and every event.

A conversation with the client kicks off the creative process. Andrea listens with a knowledge and experience honed over more than 20 years of floral and event design. That attention, coupled with her fine arts and design background, gives Andrea the unique ability to translate your vision into riveting and memorable experiences that reach beyond your expectations.

Andrea designs every detail from lighting to linens to the overall aesthetic of each event; from the most intimate soiree to the most opulent wedding. Soorikian is in demand by hotels, resorts and restaurants, galleries, interior designers, private homeowners and discerning brides and grooms. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Andrea travels throughout the states or to where an event requires her vision and experience in floral and event design or coordination.

Santa Fe attracts brides and grooms from all across the country. Due to the time and attention that Andrea provides to each client, along with honoring the integrity of the design requires a minimum fee based on the size and scope of the wedding.

Guided buy your vision and a fine artist’s skill, Andrea’s sophisticated ability and unmatched attention to detail transform flowers and events into brilliant works of art.